Free Missouri Arrest & Criminal Record Search: All MO Counties

Free Missouri Arrest Records & Criminal Records Search
Access Missouri Records: background checks, warrants, probation and parole, court records, and all criminal and arrest records.

Run a free Missouri criminal record search now; check any and every MO county to see if a loved one is in jail, find out if someone has a criminal history, gain insight on employment eligibility, or if there are sexual predators nearby.

As stated in Mo. Rev. Stat. § 610.010.6, Missouri public records, which include criminal and arrest information, are defined as any document that is produced by a government agency, whether electronic or written.1 Therefore, these records are mostly available to the public and can be accessed directly from government sites.

However, accessing these records can prove tiresome since there are varying agencies to sort through depending on the county or jurisdiction, and each its own process. Missouri Records Page helps streamline this process by outlining the exact agencies, steps, forms, and other details, making the process more efficient.

Whether someone is looking for information on arrests, criminal history, parole, probation, warrants, background checks, state or federal prisoners, or the sex offender registry, this how-to guide serves as an all encompassing resource for Missouri arrest records and criminal history.

Public Availability of Criminal Records & Arrest Records in Missouri

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) mandates that public records including Missouri arrest records remain a public domain—this means that any person has the right to access federal agency records barring exemptions such as trade secrets and certain exclusion such as when there is an ongoing criminal investigation.2

In addition to the FOIA, the state of Missouri has a law that was passed in 1973 dubbed the Missouri Sunshine Law which was signed in the spirit of the FOIA and mirrors it—it mandates public government agencies to provide copies of criminal and arrest records to anyone who requests them without needing to have a reason to access such said records.3

While the state of Missouri is one of the best states in the union for ease of accessing records, there are some records that are exempt for public access such as juvenile records that have been sealed and/or expunged by the court.

In addition, there are certain background laws from federal entities such as Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC that prohibits discrimination and statutes that limit the information in criminal records that can be released.4

What the Difference Between Criminal Records vs Arrest Records in MO?

Missouri criminal records and arrest records are collectively known as rap sheets and are prepared by both state and local law enforcement agencies, courts and detention centers. Criminal records will contain information detailing a person’s history of interaction with the law such as conviction records and arrest searches—these contain active arrest information such as date of arrests.

In essence, they will help requesters figure out how to find out if someone was arrested and the reason they were arrested. Below is a breakdown of information that shows up in each:

Missouri Criminal Records:

  • Last and first name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Addresses (former and present)
  • Conviction date
  • Release information
  • Mug shot (photograph)
  • Former arrest records
  • Disposition information

Missouri Arrest Records:

  • Full names
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Booking (arrest) date
  • Arresting agency (country sheriffs, state police and police departments)
  • Details of arrest (DUI, drugs/marijuana, sex offender information)
  • Mug shot (photograph)
  • Probation data
  • Warrant data
  • Bond type & amount

How To See If Someone Was Arrested in Missouri (Find Missouri Arrest Records & Jail Inmates for Free)

Researching recent arrests in the state of Missouri is a relatively straightforward process and typically free of charge. Perhaps individuals may be looking for loved ones who are missing or are simply trying to locate someone—requesters can contact local police departments, sheriff’s offices and local city jails to obtain this information.

This can be done online by clicking the links below which lead to each County Sheriff’s office inmate lookup tool which also contains phone numbers which can allow those fishing for information to do it online, in person, or via phone.

Check Missouri County Sheriff’s Office Sherriff’s Offices Arrest Reports & Mugshots

County jails maintain websites that publish rosters of arrestees that allow interested persons to find recent and current arrests by looking up inmates by full names. Requesters may also visit or call local sheriff’s offices or police departments when determining how to find out what someone was arrested for by performing an inmate search of Missouri arrest records.

Individuals who are placed into custody will have their photographs (mug shots) taken, and some states will allow the public to view this information—some states have however restricted this information due to scammers using these images. The state of Missouri does nevertheless allow the public access to mugshot databases that are part of Missouri criminal records.

There are a number of sheriff’s offices and local police departments that maintain inmate rosters that display arrest reports such as Johnson County’s Sheriff’s Office Inmate Roster.

A screenshot of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Inmate Roster webpage, displaying a list of current inmates, the webpage includes the Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo in the upper left corner, and the 911 hotline and non-emergency contact number in the upper right corner, the inmate list is displayed in the center of the webpage and includes columns for inmate name, booking number, and booking date.
Source: Johnson County SHERIFF’S OFFICE5

The table below gives contact information to perform a query for county arrest records for all 114 counties in the state, contact information and whether mug shots are viewable. This table is an efficient tool for interested individuals who are looking to know how to find out if someone is in jail in their respective county.

Links to the county will direct someone to the roster that the sheriff’s office maintains to find out who’s in jail. Some counties in this online directory and people finder may not have an inmate roster, in which case the link only points the sheriff’s contact page and will have an (*).

County Inmate Search Tool County Jail or Sheriff’s Office Phone Number Shows Mug shots?
Adair County Sheriff’s Office* (660)665-4644 X
Andrew County Sheriff’s Office (816)324-4114
Atchison County Sheriff’s Office * (660)744-6271 X
Audrain County Sheriff’s Office (573)473-5800
Barry County Sheriff’s Office (417)847-6556
Barton County Sheriff’s Office (417)682-5515
Bates County Sheriff’s Office (660)679-5880
Benton County Sheriff’s Office (660)438-5252
Bollinger County Sheriff’s Office* (573)238-2633 X
Boone County Sheriff’s Office (573)875-1111
Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office (816)236-8812
Butler County Sheriff’s Office (573)785-8444
Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office (816)586-2681
Callaway County Sheriff’s Office (573)642-7291
Camden County Sheriff’s Office (573)317-0981
Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office (573)243-3551
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office* (660)542-2200 X
Carter County Sheriff’s Office* (573)323-4510 X
Cass County Sheriff’s Office (816)380-5200 X
Cedar County Sheriff’s Office* (417)276-5133 X
Chariton County Sheriff’s Office* (660)288-3277 X
Christian County Sheriff’s Office (417)582-5330
Clark County Sheriff’s Office (660)727-2911
Clay County Sheriff’s Office (816)407-3750 X
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office (816)539-2156
Cole County Sheriff’s Office* (573)635-7070
Cooper County Sheriff’s Office (660)882-2771
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office (620)724-8274
Dade County Sheriff’s Office* (417)637-2532 X
Dallas County Sheriff’s Office (417)345-2441
Daviess County Sheriff’s Office* (660)663-3300 X
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office (256)845-3801
Dent County Sheriff’s Office* (573)729-3241 X
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (417)683-1020 X
Dunklin County Sheriff’s Office (573)888-2424 X
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office* (636)583-2560 X
Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office (573)486-2424 X
Gentry County Sheriff’s Office (660)726-3721 X
Greene County Sheriff’s Office (417)868-4040
Grundy County Sheriff’s Office* (660)359-2828 X
Harrison County Sheriff’s Office (660)425-3199
Henry County Sheriff’s Office (660)885-7307
Hickory County Sheriff’s Office* (417)745-6415 X
Holt County Sheriff’s Office* (660)446-3300 X
Howard County Sheriff’s Office (660)248-2477
Howell County Sheriff’s Office* (417)256-2544 X
Iron County Sheriff’s Office* (573)546-7051 X
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office* (816)541-8017 X
Jasper County Sheriff’s Office (417)358-8177 X
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office* (636)797-5000 X
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (660)747-6469
Knox County Sheriff’s Office* (740)397-3333 X
Laclede County Sheriff’s Office* (417)533-7496 X
Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office* (660)259-3622 X
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office (417)466-2131
Lewis County Sheriff’s Office (573)767-5287 X
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (636)462-6507
Linn County Sheriff’s Office* (660)895-5312 X
Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (660)646-2121
Macon County Sheriff’s Office* (660)385-2062 X
Madison County Sheriff’s Office* (573)783-2234 X
Maries County Sheriff’s Office* (573)422-3381 X
Marion County Sheriff’s Office (573)221-0678
McDonald County Sheriff’s Office (417)223-4319
Mercer County Sheriff’s Office* (419)586-7724 X
Miller County Sheriff’s Office (573)369-2341
Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office* (573)683-2111 X
Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office* (573)796-2525 X
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (660)327-4060 X
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (573)564-8086
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office (573)378-5481
New Madrid County Sheriff’s Office* (573)748-2516 X
Newton County Sheriff’s Office* (417)451-8311 X
Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office (660)582-7451
Oregon County Sheriff’s Office* (417)778-6611 X
Osage County Sheriff’s Office* (573)897-3927 X
Ozark County Sheriff’s Office* (417)679-4633 X
Pemiscot County Sheriff’s Office* (573)333-4101 X
Perry County Sheriff’s Office* (573)547-4576 X
Pettis County Sheriff’s Office* (660)827-0052
Phelps County Sheriff’s Office (573)426-6830
Pike County Sheriff’s Office* (573)324-3202 X
Platte County Sheriff’s Office (816)858-2424
Polk County Sheriff’s Office (417)777-9020
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office (573)774-6196 X
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (660)947-3200
Ralls County Sheriff’s Office* (573)985-5611 X
Randolph County Sheriff’s Office (844)277-6555
Ray County Sheriff’s Office* (816)290-5631 X
Reynolds County Sheriff’s Office* (573)648-2491 X
Ripley County Sheriff’s Office* (573)996-2129 X
Saline County Sheriff’s Office (660)886-5512
Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office* (660)457-3436 X
Scotland County Sheriff’s Office* (660)465-2106 X
Scott County Sheriff’s Office* (573)545-3549 X
Shannon County Sheriff’s Office* (573)226-3117 X
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office* (573)633-2161 X
St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office* (636)949-3003 X
St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office (417)646-7704
St. Francois County Sheriff’s Office (573)756-3110
St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office* (636)529-8210 X
St. Louis city County Sheriff’s Office (314)621-5848 X
Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office* (573)883-5820 X
Stoddard County Sheriff’s Office* (573)568-4654 X
Stone County Sheriff’s Office (417)357-6652
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office* 660-265-4712 X
Taney County Sheriff’s Office (417)546-7250
Texas County Sheriff’s Office* (417)967-4165 X
Vernon County Sheriff’s Office* (417)283-4411 X
Warren County Sheriff’s Office (636)456-4332
Washington County Sheriff’s Office* (573)438-5478 X
Wayne County Sheriff’s Office* (573)224-3219 X
Webster County Sheriff’s Office* (417)859-2247 X
Worth County Sheriff’s Office* (660)564-2677 X
Wright County Sheriff’s Office* (417)741-7576 X

How To Find Recent Arrests in Missouri’s Local City Jails

Sometimes before proceeding to county jails, individuals can commence their search for Missouri arrest records in local city jails by either physically visiting them or visiting their websites if they do maintain an online presence. This type of search will typically occur in big cities such as St. Louis which maintains a Search inmate locator that can be used to determine daily arrests in the city.

A screenshot of an inmate locator website search feature, displaying an input field for last name and first name, and a search bar, the search bar is located below the input fields and includes a button to initiate the search.
Source: City of St. Louis6

To find a local police department’s inmate roster, use a search engine to search “[Name of City] Missouri arrest search.” For example, if someone may have been arrested in St. Louis, someone would search for “St. Louis Missouri arrest search.”

How Do You Contact Someone in a Missouri Jail & Bail Them Out?

Before contacting an inmate, they first must be located—a determination needs to be made where they are located; that is if they are in a local city jail, a county jail, state or federal prison. In addition to the aforementioned methods, more ways to accomplish this are delved in below.

Contacting an Inmate

Both the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) and Missouri county jails allow inmates to be contacted via email and mail. Links to each Missouri county sherriff’s office are seen in the table above and further details can be access through their web pages and contact details.

Loved ones who wish to send letters and photos are allowed to do so but should realize that all incoming mail is open and inspected. JPay is the contractor that provides email services to inmates. Mail that is sent to offenders should include:

  • Department of corrections (DOC) number
  • Full names of the offender
  • Address of facility holding the inmate
  • Return address of the sender

Bailing Out an Inmate Independently

Bailing out an inmate can either be done through paying the full amount to the court or eliciting the services of a bail bonds Missouri agent. Individuals who are able to pay the full amount can determine if the inmate is being held for either state or city charges by contacting:

  • Justice Center: (314)-621-5848 for charges filed by city
  • Security Institution (Medium Security): (314)-389-4790 for state charges filed by the state.

They can then determine the bond amount by calling either (314)-622-3231 or (314)-641-8214 respectively by using the full names and DOB. It’s important to check the hours and locations of each facility. 

Using a Bonds Agent

Bail bondsmen will generally write a surety bond to the court that guarantees the defendant will appear in court. In exchange, the defendant or someone representing the defendant will pay a 10% fee to the bondsman. Most bondsmen usually require half the amount paid up front and the remainder in installments.

Attorneys may help get bond amounts reduced to help defendants save money. It is therefore a good idea to enlist the help of one.

How To Look Up Criminal Records in Missouri (Steps To Find MO Criminal Records)

Finding criminal records in Missouri can be completed through the following agencies:

  • Through the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) which will be delved into below.
  • Using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system to access appellate court records and searching federal offenses.
  • By accessing the various county court portals that allow individuals to retrieve criminal records which is discussed in the next section.

Searchers may also visit the courthouse which have public access terminals.

Both court records and information about ongoing cases can be accessed. This service is free to use except in the case of the requester wanting a copy in which case they pay a nominal fee of $0.30 per copy.

Access Missouri Criminal Records Through County Courts

In addition to obtaining Missouri criminal records from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the courts also provide data on criminal records drawn from court proceedings due to the state’s Sunshine Act which permits access to a public records repository.

It should be noted that not all court records can be accessed. There are some records that have been sealed and expunged by the courts as a result of Mo.Rev.Stat. § 211.321 such as juvenile records that are exempted from access due to the statutes except by court orders.7

The Missouri court system comprises 3 appellate courts and 46 judicial circuits—each county has a court with the Missouri Supreme Court being the highest court in the state overseeing the lower courts. It usually handles the major cases in the state and is also the last resort court (arbitrating the lower court’s decisions). The Missouri Court of Appeals handles appeals from the decisions handed by the lower courts, and is just below the Supreme Court in hierarchy.

Table below summarizes how to access criminal records that are not recent and are located in the county courthouse records.

County circuit courts in the state of Missouri all use Casenet to search for court records in the respective courts—the links below point to the county court houses which typically have links to Casenet.8 Links that have an (*) do not have a Casenet link but interested individuals can still retrieve records for these counties using Casenet.

County Criminal Record Search County Courthouse Address Phone Number
Adair County 2815 North Baltimore
Kirksville, MO 63501
Andrew County 411 Jules Street
Saint Joseph, MO 64501
Atchison County* 400 S Washington St
Rock Port, MO 64482
MEXICO, MO, 65265
Barry County 102 WEST STREET, SUITE 1
Barton County* 1004 Gulf Street RM 204
Lamar, Missouri 64759
Bates County* 1 N Delaware St
Butler, MO 64730
Benton County* 316 Van Buren St
Warsaw, MO 65355
Bollinger County* 204 High St # 5
Marble Hill, MO 63764
Boone County* 705 E Walnut St
Columbia, MO 65201
Buchanan County 411 Jules St
Saint Joseph, MO 64501
Butler County* 100 N Main Street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
Caldwell County 49 E Main St
Kingston, MO 64650
Callaway County* Callaway County Court House, 10 E 5th St
Fulton, MO 65251
Camden County 1 Court Circle, Suite 8
Camdenton, MO 65020
Cape Girardeau County* 203 N High, Suite 129
Jackson, MO 63755
Carroll County* 8 S Main Street
Carrolton, MO 64633
Carter County* 105 Main Street
Van Buren, MO 63965
Cass County* 2501 W Mechanic St
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Cedar County* 113 South Street,
Stockton, MO 65785
Chariton County 306 S Cherry St
Keytesville, MO 65261
Christian County* 110 W. Elm, Room 202
Ozark, MO 65721
Clark County* 111 East Court Street, Suite 21
Kahoka, MO  63445
Clay County* 11 South Water Street
Liberty, MO 64068
Plattsburg, MO 64477
Cole County* 301 E High St
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Cooper County* 200 Main St #31
Boonville, MO 65233
Crawford County* 111 3rd St
Steelville, MO 65565
Dade County* 300 W. Water Street
Greenfield, MO 65661
Dallas County* 108 S Maple St
Buffalo, MO 65622
Daviess County* 102 N Main St #6
Gallatin, MO 64640
DeKalb County* 109 W Main St
Maysville, MO 64469
Dent County 112 E. Fifth St.
Salem, MO 65560
Douglas County* 203 E Lincoln Ave
Ava, MO 65608
Dunklin County* 1175 Floyd Street
Kennett, MO 63857
Franklin County* 401 East Main St. Rm. 100A
Union, MO 63084
Gasconade County* 119 E 1st St
Hermann, MO 65041
Gentry County* 200 W Clay St
Albany, MO 64402
Greene County 1010 N Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
Grundy County* 700 Main St Courthouse
Trenton, MO 64683
Harrison County* 1500 Central St
Bethany, MO 64424
Henry County* 100 W Franklin St #3
Clinton, MO 64735
Hickory County* 100 West Polk Street
Hermitage , MO 65668
Holt County* 102 W Nodaway St
Oregon, MO 64473
Howard County * 1 Courthouse Sq #8
Fayette, MO 65248
Howell County* 106 Courthouse
West Plains, MO 65775
Iron County* 123 N Main St B
Ironton, MO 63650
Jackson County 415 E 12TH STREET
Kansas City, MO 64106
Jasper County* 601 Pearl Ave #300
Joplin, MO 64801
Jefferson County 300 Main St
Hillsboro, MO 63050
Johnson County* 101 W Market St
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Knox County* 107 N 4th
Edina, MO 63537
Laclede County* 200 N Adams Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
Lafayette County* 116 S 10th St
Lexington, MO 64067
Lawrence County 240 North Main St, Suite 110
Mt Vernon, MO 65712
Lewis County* 100 E Lafayette St
Monticello, MO 63457
Lincoln County* 45 Business Park Dr.
Troy, MO 63379
Linn County* 108 N High St
Linneus, MO 64653
Livingston County* 700 Webster St
Chillicothe, MO 64601
Macon County 101 E Washington
Macon, MO  63552
Madison County* 1 Court Square
Fredericktown, MO 63645
Maries County* 211 4th St #2
Vienna, MO 65582
Marion County 906 Broadway # 201,
Hannibal, MO 63401
McDonald County 602 Main St,
Pineville, MO 64856
Mercer County* 802 E Main St,
Princeton, MO 64673
Miller County* 2001 MO-52,
Tuscumbia, MO 65082
Mississippi County* 200 N Main St,
Charleston, MO 63834
Moniteau County* 200 E Main St,
California, MO 65018
Monroe County* 300 North Main St # 201,
Paris, MO 65275
Montgomery County * 211 E 3rd St,
Montgomery City, MO 63361
Morgan County* 211 E Newton St # 4,
Versailles, MO 65084
New Madrid County* 450 Main St,
New Madrid, MO 63869
Newton County 123 E Main St,
Neosho, MO 64850
Nodaway County 305 N Main St,
Maryville, MO 64468
Oregon County* 1 Court Sq,
Alton, MO 65606
Osage County 106 E Main St,
Linn, MO 65051
Ozark County 1 Court Sq,
Gainesville, MO 65655
Pemiscot County* 610 Ward Ave,
Caruthersville, MO 63830
Perry County 15 W St Maries St #2,
Perryville, MO 63775
Pettis County* 415 S Ohio Ave,
Sedalia, MO 65301
Phelps County 200 N Main St,
Rolla, MO 65401
Pike County 115 W Main St #4,
Bowling Green, MO 63334
Platte County 328 Main St., Suite 5-CH
Platte City, MO 64079
Polk County* 102 E Broadway St,
Bolivar, MO 65613
Pulaski County* 301 U.S. Rt. 66,
Waynesville, MO 65583
Putnam County* 1601 Main St #101,
Unionville, MO 63565
Ralls County* 311 S Main St,
New London, MO 63459
Randolph County* 372 State Hwy JJ Suite 2b,
Huntsville, MO 65259
Ray County* 100 W Main St,
Richmond, MO 64085
Reynolds County* 2319 Green St,
Centerville, MO 63633
Ripley County* 100 Court House Square,
Doniphan, MO 63935
Saline County 19 E Arrow St #205,
Marshall, MO 65340
Schuyler County* 110 E Washington St,
Lancaster, MO 63548
Scotland County* 117 S Market St,
Memphis, MO 63555
Scott County* 131 S Winchester St,
Benton, MO 63736
Shannon County* 18529 Main St,
Eminence, MO 65466
Shelby County * 100 E Main St,
Shelbyville, MO 63469
St. Charles County 300 N 2nd St,
St Charles, MO 63301
St. Clair County 655 2nd St,
Osceola, MO 64776
St. Francois County* 1 N Washington St # 102,
Farmington, MO 63640
St. Louis County 41 South Central,
Clayton, MO 63105
St. Louis city County 105 S Central Ave,
Clayton, MO 63105
Ste. Genevieve County 55 3rd St #23, Ste.
Genevieve, MO 63670
Stoddard County* 401 S Prairie St,
Bloomfield, MO 63825
Stone County 110 S Maple St Ste F,
Galena, MO 65656
Sullivan County 109 N Main St #20,
Milan, MO 63556
Taney County 266 Main St,
Forsyth, MO 65653
Texas County* 519 N Grand Ave #202,
Houston, MO 654
Vernon County* 100 W Cherry St,
Nevada, MO 64772
Warren County 104 W Booneslick Rd,
Warrenton, MO 63383
Washington County* 102 N Missouri St,
Potosi, MO 63664
Wayne County 109 Walnut St,
Greenville, MO 63944
Webster County* 101 S Crittenden St,
Marshfield, MO 65706
Worth County* 23 W 3rd St,
Grant City, MO 64456
Wright County* 125 Court Square, 2nd Floor
Hartville, MO  65667

Run a Statewide Criminal Record Search in Missouri Through The Missouri Courts System (Casenet)

The state of Missouri has a statewide criminal records system that tracks court records from the different court systems in the state known as Casenet and cases can be searched using case numbers and / last names.

A screenshot of the Missouri Court Case Number Search webpage, displaying the website logo in the center of the page and a menu of judicial links, eFiling, help, contact us, and print options, the required information for searching cases is displayed below the menu, and includes an input field for case number with a "Find" button located below the field.
Source: Missouri Courts8

How To Get Copies of Criminal Records Through Missouri’s Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS)

There are several methods that someone can use to retrieve copies of criminal records although copies are primarily retrieved from the main custodian of criminal history in Missouri — the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS).9

This can also be performed by sifting through individual counties and looking for records in the courts. The MACHS site allows a user to search for a criminal:

  • Using fingerprints
  • Using full names of the arrestee

Finger Print Based

The fingerprint search is considered a positive match and supplies information such as criminal history, charges that may have been dismissed and any SIS (suspended imposed sentence) after probation.

  1. To find criminals using fingerprints, interested individuals will need to register at the MACHS Fingerprint Search Portal. This site allows only those who have a registration number with their employer and/or licensing agency to perform this check.
  2. Those looking to perform a self-search for personal review will need to contact the office at (573)-526-6153 and hit option 3 to receive further instructions.
  3. The requester will need to schedule an appointment with IDEMIA (fingerprint services vendor) to capture the prints at a cost of $8.50. The total cost for the check will be $28.50 ($20 for a state only check). The federal check will incur an additional $13.25 to make a grand total of $41.75 per applicant. Payments can be made through a check or money order to the “State of Missouri – Criminal Record System Fund.” Notarized responses will incur an additional $2 fee.
  4. The processing time for mail in requests is typically 4-6 weeks while online requests are completed within 7-10 business days; the results are mailed to the requester.
  5. Individuals looking for FBI Record Checks or Missouri Family Care Registry Checks may visit Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) and Family Care Safety Registry respectively.
A screenshot of the Missouri State Highway Patrol website, displaying an input field for a 4-digit registration number and buttons to "Enter" or "Reset" the search, the input field is located in the center of the webpage and is surrounded by white space.
Source: Missouri State Highway Patrol10

Mail in requests should be sent to:

Missouri State Highway Patrol,
CJIS Division, P.O. Box 9500,
Jefferson City, MO 65102-9500

Named Based

The named based search is considered a possible match and includes only open records and returns information such as convictions, arrest information less than 30 days from the arrest date ideal for those wanting to know how to find recent arrests.

A screenshot of the MACHS Name Search Portal website, displaying the login page, the page includes input fields for email address and password, along with a "Log In" button to initiate the login process.

It also contains SIS after probation is completed and charges that have been filed by a prosecutor and awaiting final disposition from the courts.

  1. Interested individuals can complete this request by mail which requires the completion of a Request for Criminal Record Check Form and charges are $15.
  2. They can also complete the requests online by visiting Missouri Automated Criminal History Site and payments can be made via credit card for $15.
A screenshot of the Missouri Request for Criminal Record Check form webpage, displaying the form for requesting a criminal record check, the form includes fields for personal information such as name, address, social security number, and date of birth.
Source: Missouri State Highway Patrol11

Applicants residing outside the state will need to contact their local law enforcement agency.

How Do I Find Out if Someone Is on Probation or Parole in Missouri (MO)?

Missouri does not maintain a parolee database that allows for an automated search feature to locate individuals who are on probation or parole but the Division of Probation and Parole can be contacted to establish if someone is either on probation or parole.13

Parole is a term that refers to offenders who have now been released from the correctional system after having served time in prison. Probation on the other hand typically refers to a release from jail.

To illustrate just how many people are on probation and parole, the following image shows the combined total of probationers and parolees in Missouri, along with their ethnicities. Furthermore, these totals are also compared to the number of individuals on community supervision (including probation and parole) in other states across the United States.

An image showing the map of the United States, with Missouri state highlighted in red, presenting the probation and parole per 100,000 U.S. residents by ethnicities.
Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics

When contacting the division to ascertain parole information of someone and/ or perform a probation search, interested individuals must furnish the following data:

  • Offender’s full names
  • Offender’s inmate number, if known
  • Offender’s DOB and SSN (Social Security Number), if known

Requesters may contact the division either by phone at (573)751-8488 or via email at [email protected].

How Do You Seal or Expunge Criminal Records in the State of Missouri?

Under Missouri’s expungement law, individuals with certain criminal records may elect to have their offenses sealed and expunged through the courts.14 Expungement is the deletion of criminal records of an arrest or charge that occurred while records that are sealed are not accessible except by court order, but they still exist physically and legally.

Individuals can only apply to have their records expunged when:

  • Fines have been paid off
  • Completion of probation and/or parole
  • Having a three year clean date for eligibility for a felony offense expungement
  • Having a one year wait for misdemeanor offense

To initiate the process to seal and/or expunge a criminal record in the state, requesters should:

  1. File a petition at the court in the county where the offender was found guilty and charged by downloading the expungement petition. The cost for this is $250, however the cost can be waived by the judge if the petitioner can prove they are unable to bear the cost.
  2. The petition will name defendants of any entities or individuals that are holding these records of offenses and violations who are then served.
  3. Defendants will then have 30 days to file any objections they may have to the expungement petition.
  4. The court will then hold a hearing within 60 days of any objections made by the defendant or 30 days after defendants have been served with no objections.
  5. Once the court approves the petition, the petitioner can now maintain that they have not been convicted of a crime. However, certain applications still necessitate disclosing these records such as when applying for a license, certificate and permit issued by the state for the individual’s profession.
  6. If the expungement is denied, the petitioner could re-file within a year or appeal the decision of denial.

More than one expungement can be granted provided the number does not exceed 1 felony offense, 2 misdemeanors or ordinance violations that have led to imprisonment.

A screenshot of the Petition for Expungement of Arrest Records form webpage, displaying the form for petitioning the expungement of arrest records, the form is surrounded by white space, and the overall color scheme is white.
Source: Missouri Courts15

It should be stated however, that there are certain offenses that are not eligible for expungement such as:

  • Class A felonies
  • Offenses that require registration of a sex offender
  • Felonies where death is the element of the offense
  • Crimes that involve domestic assault and/or kidnapping

Petitioners are generally advised to retain the services of legal counsel when completing this process, although it is possible for individuals to perform a self-petition.

How Do I Find Someone in Federal Prison vs State Prisons in the State of Missouri?

Locating a loved one or someone who may be presumed missing in the state of Missouri is a fairly straightforward process and is free as well for both federal and state prisons. Requesters looking to locate prison records and inmates will need to visit Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) for state inmates and Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for federal inmates.

Federal Prison Search

Missouri has one federal prison located in the state that is maintained by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The BOP maintains a database of inmates that have been incarcerated or released after 1982 in federal prisons throughout the union.

BOP has a Federal Prison Inmate Locator on its website which is free  to use, and the requester searches either using name or inmate number.16

A screenshot of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Find an Inmate website, displaying the search page, the page includes an input field for the inmate's ID number and a "Search" button to initiate the search, the page is surrounded by white space, and the overall color scheme is blue and white.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons16

Missouri State Prison Search

The Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) is the repository of criminal records and felony registry in the state, and manages 21 state prisons in Missouri. The best way to locate a state prison inmate would be to utilize the Search Offender Tool located on the MDOC website which captures Department of Corrections (DOC ID) or full names of the offender.17

A screenshot of the Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) Offender Search website, displaying the search page, the page includes input fields for the offender's DOC ID or first name and last name, along with a "Search" button to initiate the search.
Source: Web.Mo.Gov17

The service is free to the public to access and no account is required to register.

How To Run a Missouri Warrant Search (Figure Out if You or Someone Else Has a Warrant in MO)

Warrant information in the state of Missouri is public information and the first place requesters can find this information would be through the court system using Casenet.

Using Casenet:

  1. To establish whether or not, you or someone else has an active warrant out for their arrest, proceed to Casenet to view the warrant list.
  2. Under ‘litigant name search’, type the last name of the person of interest.
  3. Once found, click on the case number
  4. Proceed to the ‘docket entries’ tab to find warrants.
A screenshot of the Missouri Courts Litigant Name Search website, displaying the search page, the page includes input fields for the litigant's first name, last name, and middle initial, along with a "Search" button to initiate the search.
Source: Missouri Courts18

Interested individuals may also contact the sheriff’s office or local law enforcement agencies who may have warrant departments. As an example, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office has a list of active warrants.

A screenshot of the Boone County Active Warrants website search page, displaying an input field to search by name and a list of persons below.
Source: Boone County19

A Review of Missouri Background Checks

In summary, the Missouri State Highway Patrol performs background checks via name based and finger print bases searches through the Missouri Automated Criminal History System (MACHS).

Their fingerprint checks are used for firearms, employment, licensing and more. While their name searches may also be used by the general public.

There are several agencies in Missouri require background checks for certain professions such as caregivers to seniors and children and medical doctors. This is to ensure that these vulnerable elements of society to which these professionals are charged with custody do not succumb to negative misconduct where it be sexual or professional.

The table found below gives an overview of the agencies that require these checks, a link to the agencies’ submission process, and the professions that are to submit to these checks:

Missouri Agency That Requires Background Check Reasons for Background Check
Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Administrators
  • Custodians
  • Cooks
  • Teachers
  • Aides
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • School bus drivers
Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
  • Registered child care workers
  • Registered elder care workers
  • Personal care workers
  • Foster parents
  • Adoptions
Missouri Department of Social Services
  • Officers
  • Managers
  • Contractors
  • Volunteers
  • Employees
  • Support staff
  • Child care provider
  • Contract or self-employed persons
  • Volunteers that provide child care
  • Residents of a child care home who are over 18
  • Owners and operators of residential care facilities
  • Owners and operators of child care facilities
Missouri Division of Professional Registration
  • Certified public accountants
  • Public acupuncturist
  • Anesthesiologist assistants
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Assistant physicians
  • Architects
  • Athlete agents
  • Athletic trainers
  • Audiologists
  • Barbers
  • Behavior analysts
  • Professional boxers
  • Professional counselors
  • Chiropractors
  • Cosmetologist
  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dietitians
  • Drug distributors
  • Electrical contractors
  • Embalmers
  • Engineer interns
  • Engineers
  • Funeral directors
  • Geologists
  • Hearing instrument specialists
  • Interior designers
  • Land surveyors
  • Land surveyors-in-training
  • Landscape architects
  • Marital & family therapists
  • Martial arts
  • Massage therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Occupational therapy assistants
  • Optometrists
  • Perfusionists
Missouri Board of Pharmacy


  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
  • Nurses
  • Medical doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Cosmetic laser providers
  • Physician assistants
  • Respiratory therapists

How To Find Sexual Predators in Missouri via the Sex Offender Registry

Sex offenders are individuals that have been tried and convicted of a sex offense and to ensure the well-being of its citizens, Missouri passed MO Rev Stat. § 589.400 – 589.425, which mandates the Missouri State Highway Patrol to provide a public database of sex offenders in the state and for sex offenders to register.20

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) maintains the Missouri sex offender registry which provides a platform for the public to locate sex offenders within their community.21 It also allows users to sign up for email notifications to receive alerts when an offender moves into a community using two criteria: offender or address. Individuals may also contact local law enforcement agencies to ascertain this information.

  1. To find out if there is a sex offender living in a community for free, interested individuals should simply proceed to MSHP’s Missouri sex offender registry and use the offender’s bio data such as full names or DOB if known.
  2. However, the tool can also be used to retrieve sex offender data from a set distance from a known location which is accomplished by inputting an address.

It should be stated that in addition to this state registry, the federal government does also maintain a national database for sex offenders known as the National Sex Offender Registry which is furnished by the U.S Department of Justice.22 It uses similar search parameters.

A screenshot of the Missouri Sex Offender Registry website search page, displaying two search options: offender search and interactive map search, the offender search option includes input fields for the offender's first name, last name, city, and zip code, along with a "Search" button to initiate the search, the interactive map search option displays a map of Missouri with markers indicating the locations of registered sex offenders.
Source: Missouri State Highway Patrol23

Missouri Laws Surrounding the Use of Criminal Records & Arrest Records

The State of Missouri makes public records a matter of public domain due to its Sunshine laws that are in the spirit of the Freedom for Information Act (FOIA). However, there are certain laws in the state that may limit the accessing of certain criminal and arrest records, or within certain time frames.

In addition to Missouri laws, members of the public in the state are protected by federal laws such as the anti-discrimination laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which prohibits looking at non-convictions that are more than seven years old.

Juvenile records that involve misdemeanor offenses are generally sealed and kept private due to statute Mo.Rev.Stat. § 211.321.The exceptions to this are court cases where juveniles have been convicted of a felony or are in extreme court proceedings, like murder.

Not all crimes can be expunged and sealed as per Mo.Rev.Stat. §610.140.2 which include felonies that result in murder.24 Individuals that have sealed and expunged records are mandated in certain instances to disclose their criminal records that have been expunged and sealed in accordance with Mo.Rev.Stat. §610.140.9—these include when applying for license and permits pertaining to their profession.

Missouri does not have a ban the box law in place—however, certain cities in the state have passed the law including St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia. Ban the box is a law pertaining to criminal background checks which prohibits employers from requesting potential employee’s criminal background and history until after a conditional offer of employment. In this way, job applicants are first judged by their qualifications minus the stigma of a criminal past.

It is acceptable to perform personal criminal background checks without someone’s consent but if they are being done for professional purposes such as employment, property management, licensing etc. then they must abide by federal and local laws.

To summarize the information above, Missouri criminal records can primarily be found through the County Courts or the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) hosted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol — other resources such as the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Corrections and Sex Offender Registry may provide results as well.

On the other hand, Missouri arrest records of various counties and cities can be obtained through arrest logs hosted by the County Sheriff’s office and local Police Departments.


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